Beamr Cloud offers four distinct workflow types, each serving as a trigger mechanism for video processing tasks. Here's an overview of the supported workflow types:
Drag & Drop

This manual option allows you to upload files by dragging and dropping them directly into the interface. It's perfect for ad-hoc or one-time operations where immediate processing is needed without the setup of automated triggers.

Batch Processing
Ideal for handling large volumes of files, batch processing connects to your AWS S3 source bucket. The system automatically processes and optimizes the files en masse. You have the flexibility to configure the workflow either to overwrite the existing files in the source bucket or to place the optimized outputs in a different designated bucket.
Live Monitor
The live monitor workflow is set up for real-time processing. It continuously checks your connected S3 source bucket for new files. As soon as a new file lands in the bucket, the system processes it, ensuring a steady stream of optimized content is always being generated.
API Driven
This option allows for seamless integration with your existing systems. Set up the workflow to be triggered through API calls, giving you the flexibility to initiate processing based on your custom business logic and event-driven requirements.