The "Workflow Details Page" is designed to provide you with an in-depth view of your workflow's video processing activities.


The page is accessible from the "My Workflows" section select the "Go to Workflow" link associated with a specific workflow card. It supports two primary workflow categories:
1. Drag and Drop Workflows: These workflows are interactive and allow users to manually upload videos via a drag-and-drop interface. Ideal for ad-hoc or one-time workflow operations, users can select files from their device and swiftly process them.
2. Batch Process/Live-monitor Workflows: These are connected to an AWS S3 source bucket for batch processing or real-time monitoring. The system automatically processes and optimizes the files, either replacing the original files in the source bucket or outputting the optimized files to a different specified bucket. It continuously monitors for new files and processes them as they arrive, ensuring a constant flow of optimized content.

Features and Functionalities

  • Drop interface (Drag & Drop Workflow type only): A designated area that allows you to upload video files manually. This interface simplifies the workflow for users who prefer direct interaction with the system.


  • Video Processing Information: Displays a detailed list of video files that have been processed, along with specific metrics such as the input and output sizes, the percentage of size reduction (savings), and the status of each file, which includes options to download the processed files.


  • Progress Tracking: Users can monitor the processing status of each video file and download the output once it's available.


  • Workflow Statistics: Provides summary data on video processing, including total input and output video file sizes, the total number of video files, and overall savings in terms of storage space and efficiency gains.