Editing workflows is a crucial feature that provides flexibility and control over video processing operations. Here's how the editing process works:

Accessing the Editing Interface

  • Navigate to the 'My Workflows' section (through the 'Workflows' tab).
  • Locate the workflow you wish to edit and hover over it.
  • Click on the three dots that appear to reveal additional options.
  • Select Edit from the dropdown menu.

Editing Restrictions

  • You cannot edit a workflow if it is currently Running in a batch process.
  • Workflows set as 'On' for Live Monitor or API Driven types are also not editable during their active state.

Editing Process

  • After selecting Edit, the existing workflow configuration is displayed.
  • The editing interface is intuitive, mirroring the 'New Workflow' creation process but with the advantage of showing the current settings.
  • Users can modify any step or setting within the workflow.
  • To finalize changes, click the Save button to update the workflow configuration.
By using the edit function, you can ensure that your workflows remain up-to-date and aligned with your operational needs, all within a consistent and user-friendly environment. This feature underscores the system's commitment to operational integrity while allowing for the necessary flexibility in workflow management.