Create the New Identity Policy in Your Tenancy

Create the new Identity policy in your tenancy as follows:

Define tenancy Beamr as ocid1.tenancy.oc1..aaaaaaaanxek7joucoehctsqxn4bimzxetmk7fpzedk45223oty7gnlplk7a

Define group BeamrCrossTenancyAccess as

Admit group BeamrCrossTenancyAccess of tenancy Beamr to <access level to your input and output buckets>

Note: Access level should allow for listing of your input and output buckets, read access to input buckets, and write access to output buckets.


Configure Beamr Cloud

1. In the Integrations page of the Beamr Cloud web app (Left Menu), click on the 'Connect OCI' button.


2. In the "Oracle Cloud Account Details" window that appears, enter the Region and Namespace of your OCI storage and click 'Update'.


Enabling Live Monitor Workflow on OCI Bucket

To enable the Live Monitor workflow on your OCI bucket, follow these instructions:


1. Log in to Your Beamr Cloud Account:

Go to the Integrations -> API  and copy your API token.


2. Enable “Emit Object Events” Feature:

  • In your OCI Object Storage, enable the “Emit Object Events” feature on the bucket you wish to monitor.


3. Create a Notification Topic and Subscription in Your OCI Tenancy:

  • Use the HTTPS protocol for the Subscription.
  • Set the Endpoint for the Subscription as:<Your Beamr API Token>


4. Create a Rule in Events Services > Rules:

  • Set Events Matching of Object Storage events to Event Types:
    • Object - Create
    • Object - Update
  • Set Attribute bucketName to the name of the bucket you wish to monitor.
  • Create an Action of type Notification and select the topic you created in step 3 as a Topic.