After saving your workflow in Beamr Cloud, the next step is to activate it. Activation depends on the workflow type you've chosen. Here are the different activation methods based on the workflow type:

Live Monitor

Action: Turn Workflow On/Off (Button)
This button toggles the 'Live Monitor' workflow on or off. When turned on, the system starts monitoring the specified bucket for new file additions. As new files are detected, the workflow is triggered automatically. Conversely, when the toggle is turned off, monitoring ceases and the workflow remains idle, waiting to be reactivated as needed.

Batch Process

Action: Run / Stop Workflow (Button)
The 'Run Workflow' button initiates the execution of a predefined 'Batch Process' workflow. Once the workflow is running, any files in the designated bucket are processed according to the workflow specifications. The 'Stop Workflow' button can be used to halt the processing at any time, providing control over the batch operation.

Drag & Drop

Action: Drop Video Files
For workflows set up with a drag-and-drop type, activation is a manual process. From the Workflow Details page, you can upload videos through a drag-and-drop interface, which allows for on-the-fly activation and processing of files. This method is particularly useful for ad-hoc uploads or when you want to process files on demand without waiting for automated triggers.